The world’s frantic pace never slackens, its hustle and bustle never quiets—not even when you’re dealing with depression. There are countless Americans who struggle with depression every day, and have no choice but to soldier on and carry out all their responsibilities. The symptoms of depression can make things difficult, though—especially in the workplace. How can you manage your depression symptoms while still doing your job well? There are a few tips we can recommend.

Dealing with Depression in the Workplace

Break it Down Big tasks and long-term projects can really be overwhelming, so try to break things up into smaller, more digestible pieces—with rest periods or breaks at certain intervals. Take things in baby steps, in other words! Say No Sometimes There may be certain workplace responsibilities you can’t say no to, but for others, it’s perfectly fine to take a pass. Don’t feel like you have to be involved in every piece of the pie; don’t overwhelm or overstress yourself. Talk About It—if You Like Often, talking openly about your depression can be therapeutic. Now, not everyone feels comfortable talking about their mental health at work, and that’s fine—but if you feel alright about it, it really can help. Listen to Your Heart If you feel as though your brain can’t be trusted, listen to what your heart is telling you; allow that to guide you through important decisions. Fix up Your Workspace Colorful art, precious photos, mood-enhancing lighting—all of these elements can make your workspace into a more positive and productive environment.

Seek Help for Your Mental Health Disorder

One more thing: Don’t feel like you have to do this on your own. Help is available—and if you haven’t yet sought treatment for your depression, now is the time to do so. Contact us today to learn more about dual diagnosis care.
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