At Seacliff Recovery we strongly believe restoring health to the body is an important step towards anyone’s recovery. A big part of our program involves ensuring the client is becoming physically healthy again. We go to great lengths to give individuals all of the opportunities possible to improve their physical health. It is scientifically proven that being physically active and in shape improves mood. Getting the body in shape helps put an individual in tune with the healthy lifestyle they will soon come to know through our program.

The staff at Seacliff Recovery is skilled in ensuring clients’ physical health is balanced with their mental and spiritual health. Holistic wellness is the goal of our drug rehab program, and we carry this out by using a variety of therapy techniques and programs, each designed to improve certain aspects of the client’s life.

Restoring Health to the Body

Active play is spontaneous, self -challenging, and fun. It can be disciplined, competitive, and analytical. Through play, we relieve stress, improve our cardio-vascular system, work more productively and sleep more soundly. At Seacliff Recovery, we have drawn from the strength of the ocean and beauty of the beach and developed partnerships with fitness and community recreation centers to give clients the best opportunity to achieve their goal of achieving sobriety in a healthy body.

Located just two blocks from the beach, clients have easy access to walking and bike paths, beach volleyball, and the opportunity for surfing lessons. We make the most of the beautiful California climate by holding some therapy sessions outdoors at nearby parks or the beach. We place a large emphasis on the healing powers of nature and encourage individuals in our program to enjoy the calm, relaxing views and the warm climate, and to be rejuvenated by time spent outdoors.

Each of our clients receives a three-month membership to 24 Hour Fitness, and we help them plan healthy meals and activities. Our staff arranges field trips to sober concerts and dances, and our multi-purpose room is utilized for games and meditation. During clients’ stay with us, they rediscover the rhythm of their body and the grace with which they can move through life.

The philosophy of Seacliff Recovery ensures that clients achieve their goals of complete wellness, mind, body, and spirit.

To learn more about Seacliff and how we can help you achieve your recovery goals, please contact us at 800.581.7274.

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