Having clarity of thought and setting goals for a successful future are the keys to recovery of the mind. Seacliff Recovery Center recognizes that if an individual is to have success in the real world after recovery, then they must possess the mindset and the tools necessary to live in a world that is full of chaos, pain, and conflict.

In order to prepare clients for when they leave recovery, we at Seacliff have created a program that assists individuals in their daily living. Our daily schedule holds clients accountable for completing individual and group tasks on time, and taking responsibility for doing them well. Our participants experience a five-day “work” week with a weekend of recreation and relaxation. We make our program as close to real life as possible, in order to make the transition back to life an easier one.

While in the early phase of recovery, however, clients experience an environment that is structured and safe, and conducive to sobriety. We have designed our rehab program to be similar to the real world, but we provide clients with a safe haven from the temptations and triggers to use while they are in the fragile stages of early recovery. Our staff gradually helps clients transition into outpatient therapy and sober living, to give them the opportunity to experience the real world again while maintaining close contact to the security of our drug rehab.

Healing the Addicted Mind

Seacliff Recovery has designed an educational system to assess clients’ level of coping and current level of education to determine their needs for work and school. In order to meet each client’s recovery goals, individuals take part in a daily schedule of individual, group, and family counseling sessions, workshops, and lectures. Clients attend workshops on Nutrition Education, Relapse Prevention, and interactive lectures on the Psychological Effects of Drugs and Alcohol. Seacliff Recovery also provides clients with guidance in seeking employment, returning to school, and performing community service.

Addiction Affects Everyone

A person’s current environment and the environment in which they grew up will unfortunately nourish their addiction. Generational and inter-generational wounds caused by addiction must be addressed in therapy. Weekly family groups and workshops help clients and their family to better understand the disease concept more clearly and start healing the addicted mind.

The philosophy of Seacliff Recovery is to help clients achieve holistic recovery of the mind, body, and spirit.

To learn more about Seacliff Recovery Center and how we can help you or a loved one, contact us today at 800.581.7274.

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