Spiritual Recovery

An important element of our treatment philosophy at Seacliff Recovery is healing and spiritual recovery from addiction. At Seacliff Recovery we offer a way to heal the soul with our spiritual recovery, along with healing the mind and body. We believe that as addicts and alcoholics, our clients have traveled far from their sense of wonderment and belief in a higher power. Addiction causes individuals to put people, places, and material possessions ahead of their true beliefs. To reconnect with the spiritual self and attain balance in daily life, clients are encouraged through our program to experience and exercise their faith.

Our philosophy at Seacliff Recovery, we firmly believe in healing the body, mind, and spirit. Only when all three are fully healed will an individual know true recovery. If the body and mind are clear and healthy but the spirit is still convoluted, there is a great chance that the individual will slip back into their old habits. By holding fast to our philosophy of healing the entire individual with a combination of therapy and treatment types, we can help clients achieve complete recovery and avoid the risk of relapse.

A big part of our program involves thoughtful meditation. Our staff facilitates this through yoga therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and quite self-reflection. We also make use of the environment and the ocean to promote spiritual healing. Becoming attuned to a higher power is sure to speed up recovery.

Seacliff Recovery’s Huntington Beach location is great for healing the spirit. The serene, beautiful beach environment provides a nurturing and relaxing setting. This location can serve to greatly improve a damaged spirit. Seacliff Recovery is located in the best possible climate for promoting successful healing.

Call us at 800.581.7274 to learn more about us and how we can help heal the body, mind, and spirit.

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