Drug Rehab Admissions

At Seacliff Recovery Center, we help anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 with a desire to address their addiction and to stop their self-destructive way of living. Seacliff Recovery Drug Rehab admissions have a few rules to ensure clients have the best chance possible for long-term recovery. All candidates for treatment must agree to adhere to the rules and policies of our facility by signing a written agreement. The Seacliff Recovery admissions contract is between the competent client, or the client’s representative, and Seacliff Recovery. We will not admit anyone who has not read and understood the admission agreement.

Drug rehab admissions criteria for each of our programs:

  • Clients must demonstrate a desire and willingness to be in recovery
  • Men and Women must be between the ages of 18 and 65
  • All clients must be ambulatory
  • Clients with co-occurring disorders will be assessed for their appropriateness
  • Clients must not have a severe mental illness, a violent criminal history, or be a sexual offender
  • All clients must read and agree to adhere to all the rules and policies of Seacliff Recovery
  • All clients must sign an agreement stating their willingness to adhere to these rules

The staff at Seacliff is passionate about helping individuals overcome addiction, and we provide the best programs and the finest amenities to help clients in their journey to sobriety. Our philosophy follows an approach to recovery that addresses the mind, body, and spirit, and we promote holistic healing.

We offer a variety of program types, in order to meet each client’s individual needs. Our partial hospitalization program provides constant supervision, and our outpatient and sober living options provide clients with the ability to recover in a less structured setting. We are here to help clients through the entire recovery process, from the first admissions phone call to the alumni program. Each client is fully assessed during admissions and throughout their treatment program, in order to ensure they are achieving the results they desire.

Contact us by calling 800.581.7274 for more information about our drug rehab admissions criteria.

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