Drug Rehab Amenities

Seacliff Recovery’s drug rehab amenities are here to aid clients in their recovery and help direct individuals toward a healthy path. Our facility is licensed for 16 clients and has a combination of sleeping quarters. There are common areas such as a kitchen, laundry room, and game/multipurpose room for daily living activities. For recreational activities, there is a basketball court and easy access to walking and bike paths. The beach is within walking distance (just 2 blocks) from the living quarters.

Recreational Activities

Seacliff Recovery treatment center believes that recreational activities are a very important part of daily living for a variety of reasons. They serve to facilitate our philosophy, which is the integration of body, mind, and spirit for complete healing. Through physical activities, clients are able to experience having fun and meeting challenges without mood or mind-altering chemicals. Our guests learn to socialize and rebuild their self-esteem and confidence by establishing interpersonal relationships. Through our physical activities, clients learn cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork.
Our staff provides many opportunities for clients to experience the arts and movement. Participants become reconnected to their personal rhythm and talents that have been latent for many years. We help clients learn to find joy in their abilities and wonder in the world around them, through our drug rehab amenities.

Seaside Location

One of our best amenities is the location of our beach drug rehab. We are just 2 blocks from the ocean, which allows us to take regular outings to the beach and local parks. Clients find that the tropical climate of Huntington Beach helps them relax, stay focused, and become rejuvenated.

Some of the drug rehab amenities we offer include:

  • Beautifully clean recovery center
  • Recovery related social events – concerts and dances
  • Seasonal activities
  • Three-month membership to 24-Hour Fitness
  • Trips to local museums, theaters, and music festivals throughout Southern California
  • Serene California climate

To learn more about Seacliff Recovery, please contact our admissions department at 800.581.7274

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