Seacliff Recovery Staff

At Seacliff Recovery our dedicated, holistic treatment staff is fully committed to giving the recovering addict the best opportunity for success in their treatment program. Our Seacliff Recovery staff includes state-certified and licensed counselors that possess years of treatment and life experience.

We believe that no other person can truly understand the recovering addict better than another who has shared the same life experiences. All of our counselors have either gone through the process of overcoming their own addictions or have had someone close to them go through this process. This gives our staff at Seacliff Recovery unique understanding of the downward life spiral that happens so often at the hands of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Our Staff:

Our registered dietitian and nutritionist, Mr. Paul Cheng, RD., adds the dimension of a healthy diet to our treatment program. Each resident is positively assisted in areas such as weight gain/loss objectives, self-esteem, body perception, and nutrition education.

Our licensed MFT, Ms. Regina Lindner, LMFT., holds individual sessions dealing with such issues as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), trauma, grief, and loss, depersonalization, and anxiety.

Our treatment program team has been working together for many years and takes a deep personal interest in each resident’s treatment and process of recovery. Together, our staff members provide the best possible care to clients. We believe in the process of recovery and treatment. We believe in the addict/alcoholic, and know it is possible for them to change and live a better, more fulfilling life.

The philosophy of Seacliff Recovery is to treat the entire mind, body, and spirit of individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

To learn more about our program, our amenities, or how we can help, contact our admissions department at 800.581.7274

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