We’re now in the season of gratitude—the time of year when we all pause to consider all the things we’re thankful for. Gratitude is especially valuable for those in recovery. Taking some time to consider the good things in your life can help you maintain focus, positivity, and high spirits.

In the coming days and weeks, we encourage you to set time apart to practice active gratitude. Say the things you are thankful for out loud. Keep a gratitude journal. Do whatever you find to be helpful in chronicling those good things in your life.

We’ll even help you get started. Here’s a list of 10 things to be thankful for in your addiction recovery.

  1. Your health. Even if you don’t have perfect health, you’re alive and you’re advancing in your recovery—and you have plenty of opportunities to get better and better.
  2. Family. You have people in your corner who love you, care for you, and want to see you live your best life.
  3. Friends. Similarly, you have people who you can count on, people you can confide in, people who you can spend time with.
  4. Addiction recovery. Give thanks for the clinical professionals and therapists who have helped you pursue freedom from addiction.
  5. Spirituality. No matter your specific beliefs, give thanks for the higher powers or ideals you align with.
  6. Hobbies. Are there things you love to do in your spare time? Give thanks for those!
  7. Nature. Go outside and walk through the sunshine and the falling leaves; that’s sure to fill you with gratitude.
  8. Career. Do you have work that you find meaningful? Give thanks for it!
  9. Change. You’re not where you were a year ago. You’ve gotten better—and you can continue to get better!
  10. The holidays. The holiday season can be stressful, but it can also be a great time to enjoy the pleasures of family and friends.

What are you thankful for? Spend some time really thinking about it!

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