2C-E, not the same kind of LSD that people took back in the Woodstock era. This form of the new designer LSD is more potent and more deadly. 2C-E also goes by the name, Europa. This is part of the spice and bath salts collection better known as the new synthetic designer drugs that includes Spice, the synthetic marijuana, bath salts are a synthetic crystal meth, and now 2C-E is synthetic LSD. These dangerous drugs are a hit with the 21 and under crowd.

There have been reports of overdoses and deaths from using 2C-E. The synthetic 2C-E causes extreme paranoia, high blood pressure, seizures, and anxiety and nervousness. This has become a popular way to get high based on word of mouth when teens start sharing their stories through popular social media and at school. Stories include black outs and white outs, and the looking forward to the next trip. Teens love the uncertainty that comes along with the drug, the risk.

2C-E, Kids Will Try Anything

The problem with these designer drugs is that no one knows what they are really taking. The laws change so much on the ingredients and then new ingredients are just replacing the old ones. 2C-E can be bought easily right off the internet by anyone. As a matter of fact, kids can find out anything they want to know about 2C-E and the other designer drugs with a simple internet search.

These drugs are labeled that they are not for human consumption but that doesn’t stop these teens from taking them. 2C-E is considered to be an analogue drug. All of the 2C drugs fall into the family known as phenethylamines – hallucinogens with similar chemical structures. Their effects are similar to known club drugs such as Ecstasy.

The scariest thing about 2C-E is that there is little parents can do to safeguard their teens against it because not much is known about it. If a parent suspects their teen is abusing drugs they are looking for marijuana and maybe even prescription pills, not designer drugs. This is why even more education needs to be offered to parents about this emerging trend of synthetic drugs.

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