There are many things you can do to prioritize your own physical, mental, and emotional health during the addiction recovery process. You can focus on sound nutrition. You can make it a priority to get plenty of sleep. You can look for outlets for your anxiety and stress. And of course, you can exercise!

There are many reasons to make exercise a part of your recovery life; allow us to highlight four of the main ones.

  1. Exercise both relieves stress and reduces tension. Indeed, physical activity has been proven to mitigate both physical and psychological stress, which can accumulate throughout the day. Whatever negative emotions you’re dealing with, whatever harm stress is doing to your body, exercise can help you alleviate it.
  2. Exercise can provide you with a more positive headspace. Exercise helps your body to release endorphins, which gives you a natural high. This can help you to achieve a more positive outlook, a greater sense of hope and optimism. In recovery, that kind of positivity is invaluable!
  3. Exercise provides the same benefits as meditation. Some researchers actually call it meditation in motion. All the benefits you achieve from an hour of meditation—like a sense of clarity amidst chaos—can also be achieved when you raise your heart rate a little.
  4. Exercise gives you energy. Finally, note that working out regularly can boost your energy levels—which can help you to more ably tackle the challenges that come with recovery, and just with daily life.

You don’t have to become a gym rat or spend hours upon hours working out each day to achieve these effects; start with half an hour of walking and see where it takes you. The important thing is to get moving. It can only help your addiction recovery!

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