Addiction recovery is a journey, and it involves many stages. The first step in the process is detox—but what is detox, exactly, and how can you achieve it? There are a lot of misconceptions about what the process entails, but here are some basic, important facts that everyone should know about detox.

Detox is Essential

Detox is basically the process in which addictive substances are removed from the body. This provides a clean foundation for ongoing addiction treatment and recovery. Detox is critical to the recovery process—and indeed, treatment really can’t be effective until detox happens.

Detox Can Be Dangerous

Though it is important, detox can also be challenging. Often, it involves some significant withdrawal symptoms, and the pain of them can actually cause the individual to reach for high doses of drugs or alcohol. In a moment of panic, the individual may relapse or even overdose. This is what makes clinical detox—where these symptoms can be managed and mitigated—essential. Home detox is something we strongly caution against.

Not All Detox Facilities Are Created Equal

You should definitely look for a detox facility where you feel comfortable—and ideally, for somewhere that views detox as the first part of a broader spectrum of care.

Detox Works

Finally, note that clinical detox can really work—and it can start you down the right path toward lifelong recovery. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, or that there aren’t risks—but the end result is worth it. And besides, it’s simply not possible to achieve freedom from addiction without first detoxing.

Detox is a big leap forward, and an embrace of true freedom. Start your journey today by contacting Seacliff to ask us about the drug and alcohol detox process.

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