It’s not uncommon to experience a little bit of trouble falling asleep at night. Insomnia can be caused by a wide range of factors, including stress, anxiety, poor diet, or insufficient daily exercise. Even something like the wrong sleeping conditions (a bedroom that’s too hot, a bedroom that’s not dark enough, etc.) can keep you from getting sufficient slumber.

In cases of extreme of persistent insomnia, doctors may prescribe sleeping pills, which have a sedative effect and can help you drift to sleep without trouble. Sleeping pills can certainly be a viable short-term solution, but they’re really not meant to be taken over the long term. In fact, some individuals find them to be habit-forming or even addictive.

Common Signs of Sleeping Pill Addiction

The question is, how can you tell when your use of sleeping pills has drifted into an unhealthy place? Here are five of the most common warning signs of sleeping pill addiction:

  1. You depend on sleeping pills to fall asleep each night. If you’re completely unable to sleep without the use of sedatives, that’s a major red flag.
  2. You take the same dose but notice diminishing effects. If your body has built up a tolerance to sleeping pills, that’s a clear sign of addiction.
  3. You are preoccupied with bedtime. If you find yourself obsessing over your bedtime routine, just because it means you get to take your pills, that’s a huge problem.
  4. You take sleeping pills to experience euphoric effects. If you find yourself taking sleeping pills earlier in the day, just to experience a “high,” that points to addiction.
  5. You experience cravings throughout the day. Cravings are typically an indication of a struggle with addiction, especially if you experience those cravings throughout the day.

Sleeping pill addiction is something from which you can recover, but it may require careful treatment. This includes finding alternate, non-habit-forming ways to help you go to sleep. To learn more, reach out to Seacliff Recovery at your convenience.

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