Detox is the first step in your journey to addiction recovery; before you can do anything else, you need to rid your body and mind of harmful toxins and corrosive effects. Before entering a clinical detox program, it’s important to have the right expectations—starting with these five pointers.

What You Should Know About Drug Detox

  1. Detox is not the same thing as rehab. While detox is a necessary first step in your recovery journey, it’s not the same thing as an actual rehab program. Once detox is completed, you’ll need to go through a treatment program, including counseling and aftercare, to make sure you have the right tools for sustaining lifelong recovery.
  2. Detox will usually take a few days, but it can vary. It’s hard to predict the timeframe for detox; it varies according to the nature and extent of your detox, as well as the presence of co-occurring disorders. For most individuals, it will take around a week—but that’s just a rule of thumb.
  3. Detox can bring withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, these symptoms can be extreme—but with clinical detox, they can be managed, the pain and discomfort mitigated. That’s one of the main reasons to pick clinical detox over home detox.
  4. Detox is necessary for the rehab process. Simply put, you can’t meaningfully pursue recovery until you’re totally rid of all the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Rehab programs typically won’t admit you until detox is completed.
  5. Detox is an accomplishment. While detox is just the beginning of your recovery journey, it’s also an achievement in and of itself—something you deserve to feel proud of.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a life of sobriety, reach out to Seacliff today, and ask us more about what detox involves.

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