All of us feel anxious from time to time. That’s just part of life. When anxiety overtakes us, though—and panic eclipses rational thought—that’s when it’s time to be concerned.

There are steps you can take to stop or at least impede these anxiety attacks, dampening their effect. Of course, if you find yourself battling anxiety attacks on a regular basis, we’d recommend seeking help from a medical professional.

Battling Back Anxiety

  • Take elongated breaths. Have you ever noticed that, when you’re really stressed, you tend to take short, quick breaths? Well, by forcing yourself to take deeper and longer ones, you can actually cause some of that panic to subside.
  • Ease back on the caffeine. Caffeine (and also sugar) works as a stimulant; the less you have, the less jittery you’ll feel.
  • Calm your body. Yoga poses and meditation apps can both be useful tools.
  • Get plenty of sleep. The better rested you are, the less susceptible your mind will be to fits of anxiety. Aim for a minimum of seven hours each night.
  • Take time for mindfulness. Taking a walk through your neighborhood and simply observing your surroundings—or writing in a gratitude journal—can work wonders.
  • Get an analysis of your problems. There’s a reason why you’re experiencing overwhelming anxiety. If you haven’t yet talked to a doctor about it, please do so right away.

The truth is, anxiety is something we all deal with—but that doesn’t mean you have to let it overwhelm you. Use some of these tools to fight back panic, and keep your stress in check. And above all, seek the clinical assistance you need for any ongoing stress or anxiety disorders. Reach out to Seacliff to learn more!

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