Online gaming addiction disrupts lives and causes trouble in people’s jobs and in their relationships. It is a dangerous addiction because it is easy for these kinds of addicts to hide behind closed doors, away from family or friends who might be concerned. Because online games are so easily accessible, it is likely that this addiction will only get worse in our society in the future, and prevention campaigns should address this kind of addiction.

Experts say that online games are designed to make people hooked. In many cases, game designers have worked to develop a program that makes people want to keep coming back for more. Sometimes the thrill of beating a new level is what draws people in, or the ability to play against others in real time. Sometimes it is the desire to tune out the real world and take part in a game where the player is in control.

A Powerful Addiction

Online gaming can be as powerful as drug addiction. People who are addicted to games begin to neglect everything in their life. They may lose their job because they want to spend their days playing online. Individuals with a gaming addiction become unresponsive or neglectful toward family members, and this can damage or destroy relationships. This activity can also make the individual depressed, and negatively affect their health, as they spend long hours in front of a screen.

Overcoming a Gaming Addiction

In order to prevent a gaming addiction from occurring, Internet users should set boundaries to their use of the computer. Online games and addicting Internet sites should be used with caution, with the user setting time limits, and sticking to them. If anyone is concerned that they or a loved one might have an Internet gaming addiction, they should consult a professional. These types of addictions may require therapy much like a drug addiction does, but with help, most people can recover and get on with their lives.

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