As drug and alcoholism rises with the challenges of economics, life struggles, unemployment, and dissatisfaction with the country in general addiction research and treatment needs to adopt new and innovative behavior techniques to serve many different situations. Drug and alcohol addiction affects people from every walk of life and no one is exempt. When seeking help, professional intervention or a rehab center program is often the only answer. When you decide to change your life and stop using, seek help from drug and alcohol rehab programs that include rehab centers that are designed to help bring you back to non-addictive behaviors.

To goal of every rehab treatment is to give the addict back their life and get them off drugs and alcohol. Rehab centers are designed to provide the foundation needed to learn to live a clean and sober life, medications can help with withdrawal symptoms, and outpatient programs give additional options. Those living with the dark cloud of addiction can fight back and learn to manage their addictions if they go through a professional drug and alcohol rehab program.

Types of Addiction Treatment Options

Long term rehab centers specialize in behavioral therapy as a drug and alcohol rehab program. Programs use support and family groups, counseling, psychotherapy, and 12-step programs. Some centers use role playing, reward systems and hypnosis therapy to change addictive behavior. Addicts can lose addictive behaviors, but it does take time. Long term centers specialize in 30, 60, and 90 day programs.

Medications when used with counseling help an addict through withdrawal symptoms in a nontoxic environment. Before using any type of medication a full mental and life assessment is taken and the best options evaluated. Medications should not be long term solutions, but a tool to help the addict through the initial withdrawal symptoms.

Short term drug and alcohol rehab programs can solve the immediate problem, but often do not go far enough. Group therapies are an important part of short term rehab centers, medications that control withdrawal symptoms are offered, but it has been proven that long term treatment programs are more effective at changing an addict’s life than short term programs.

Outpatient treatment selections offered by treatment centers do not include the use of medications but use counseling, 12-step meetings and individual therapies. Those who are concerned about drug and alcohol addictions and want to stop before addictions become full-blown are excellent candidates for outpatient treatment programs.

You have options for what ever addiction you or a loved one might be fighting. Do a little research find the best one to fit your specific needs. Don’t just choose a center because it’s close or it looks good and fancy, choose it because it’s right for you.

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