It can be gutting to watch a loved one struggle with drug or alcohol addiction—and often, all you want is to find some way to help them get the treatment they need. One way to make an impact is to schedule an intervention, in which you and a few other people sit down with the addict and express your concern, as well as your desire to offer support during the treatment process.

Inviting the Right People

As you plan an intervention for a friend or loved one, you’ll want to be careful about who you do and do not invite. The rule of thumb here is that interventions are intimate by their very nature—and as such, you only want to invite people who are close to the subject.

In fact, if you invite a whole host of people who only have superficial or tangential relationships to the subject, your intervention probably won’t be as effective. What we recommend is limiting the group to a handful of people who are close with, and really care about, the subject of the intervention. These people might include family members, friends, or co-workers—but again, friends-of-friends or others who don’t have a solid relationship with the subject should not be involved.

Inviting an Intervention Specialist

As you consider the people who you’ll invite to the drug or alcohol intervention, consider enlisting the help of an intervention specialist—someone who has professional experience guiding these sessions, and who can connect you with some other helpful recovery resources.

At Seacliff Recovery, family interventions are important to us—and we have a team of specialists who can work with you to make sure your intervention has the desired effect. Contact us today to talk more about the makings of an impactful intervention.

Reach out to Seacliff for more intervention resources!
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