Just when you thought that synthetic LSD, also known as “bath salts” was more or less under control, the media informs people that they are still hauntingly around. As with the case, last month when a man reportedly interrupted a Tennessee church service, clutching a hammer and saying he was high on bath salts. No one was hurt but it was a reminder of the grisly attack in Miami earlier this year when a man falsely rumored to be high on bath salts bit and tore the flesh off of another man’s face.

“Bath Salts” Have Increased Substantially, Just Over the Last Few Years

Marla Kushner, DO, from the American Osteopathic Association’s (AOA) OMED 2012, the Osteopathic Medical Conference & Exposition in San Diego says that there are indications bath salt drug use is actually increasing. This information is based on statistics received from the American Association of Poison Control Centers, stating that in the United States and over the past three years with zero calls in 2009, 304 calls in 2010 and 6,138 calls in 2011.

The ingredients that make up bath salts change as one ingredient is banned another takes its place but in July 2012, the ingredients used were methylene-dioxypyrovalerone, mephedrone and methylone. These are considered to be schedule I substances. Schedule I substances indicate that they have no legitimate medical purpose and require special licensing to be purchased or distributed. One of the hindering factors here is that they can still be purchased via the Internet.

Just Like Any Other Drug, Nip It In The Butt Before It’s Too Late

People who take bath salts are at a huge risk for developing an addiction and they also come with serious adverse reactions which can be fatal. Anxiety, agitation, extreme paranoia, panic, violent tendencies, insomnia, headache, thoughts of suicide, and seizures are common.

Treatment for bath salts is available and mainly consists of a combination of intense therapy, inpatient treatment, sober living, and a strong family support network. Kushner has witnessed cautionary tales of incomparable struggles told by recovering bath salt drug users. These stories that are told are of a synthetic substance that does nothing short of destroying lives.

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