An integral part of recovery from addiction is managing mental health. Struggling with issues such as depression or anxiety can make it more difficult to focus on treatment and fully embrace changes necessary for recovery. Having a positive attitude and outlook can build self-esteem and motivation to keep moving forward.

If you are battling depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder in addition to addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may benefit from enrolling in a dual diagnosis program. This type of programming focuses on the unique needs of individuals with both mental health and substance use disorders to help them successfully overcome these challenges.

Facilities such as Seacliff are trained to identify and treat underlying mental health disorders that may impact addiction. You can learn more about how these conditions have affected your substance use and vice versa. Recognizing the interrelated nature of these disorders can enable you to develop more effective strategies for managing your recovery.

Co-occurring disorders are treated simultaneously at Seacliff. While you are working through issues related to your addiction, you’ll also be engaging in treatment and therapy to support improved mental health. Getting mental health conditions effectively managed can help reduce your risk of relapse and create a more meaningful, enjoyable lifestyle of recovery.

Taking the time to address mental health and how it relates to addiction can benefit your recovery efforts and understanding of addiction. A dual diagnosis program can provide the balanced, comprehensive care you need to overcome addiction, feel more empowered, and successfully reintegrate into the community.

While all clients at Seacliff engage in activities to promote better mental health, the dual diagnosis program is designed to provide more targeted support for those struggling with mental illness and addiction to ensure they’re receiving the care they need and issues such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are addressed. No one is beyond the scope of recovery and Seacliff can help you start a healthy new chapter in your life.

Make the most of your recovery by getting the help you need for co-occurring disorders at Seacliff Recovery Center.
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