A major component of transitioning from addiction treatment back into the community is developing a strong support system. It is important for clients to be surrounded by people who are supportive of their recovery and understanding of their need for lifestyle changes that promote sobriety. It’s also essential to break connections with people who are a poor influence and may increase risk for relapse.

There are many benefits to having a solid support system in place:

  • Know you’re not alone.

Addiction recovery is a personal journey, but that does not mean that you have to go it alone. When times get tough, you’re feeling down, or you want to celebrate a milestone, it’s nice to have others around to share these moments with. Friends and family can also act as a sounding board so that you can talk through challenging situations or decisions you are considering making. They can offer a different viewpoint or just a listening ear.

  • Increased accountability.

Being surrounded by positive influences also improves your accountability. A strong support system can help you to resist temptation, overcome cravings, and stay away from unhealthy situations. It can also give you motivation because you want to show them how far you have come and that you’re committed to your recovery.

  • Decreased stress.

Stress can be a major trigger for relapse. What better way to decompress than spending time with family and friends? You can find someone to have a dance party with you, go for a run, or play a pick-up game up basketball. Laughter is another great source of stress release and a natural mood booster.

  • Shared experiences.

Support group meetings allow you to connect with others who understand first-hand the challenges that you face and the importance of reaching goals, no matter how small. You always have people to turn to and a safe space to go. You can provide each other with support, encouragement, and motivation as everyone works toward long-term recovery.

  • Increased motivation.

Having a strong support system is like having your own cheerleading squad. They’re there to help you get back up when you fall down, celebrate your achievements, push you to reach even higher, and encourage you to strive for your goals.

Surrounding yourself with healthy people is essential for recovery. You need positive influences and people you can turn to whatever the situation may be. Recovery is not something that should be done in isolation. And in fact, isolation can actually increase your risk of relapse. Find people you can count on and who respect your recovery. These people may change over time, but that’s okay. Your support system should grow and change along with you.

Seacliff Recovery Center guides clients in building a relapse prevention plan and establishing a strong support system for recovery. Clients learn valuable skills along each step of treatment and are supported in transitioning back into the community while implementing what they have learned to be more successful.

Do you need more support as you transition back home? Learn more about Seacliff’s outpatient care and sober living options.

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