Books about Addiction - Recovery Reading ListThere is a wealth of literature on addiction and recovery.

The first thing to notice is that there aren’t many books on addiction with titles like “How to Recover from Alcoholism and Addiction on Your Own” (although there are a few). Also, just as a cookbook doesn’t produce anything you can eat until you follow the instructions, books about addiction won’t help much unless action is taken.

Here are a few useful books about addiction:

Alcoholics Anonymous

The “Big Book” of recovery, written by AA’s founder with input from some of the other original members. Although this book has helped millions of people to stay sober, some are dismayed by its seemingly religious overtones. In fact, its suggestions about a “higher power” range from a traditional concept of God to such ideas as “an unsuspected inner resource,” “something at work in the human heart,” and “a higher power of your own understanding.”

Living Sober

A simple-to-read set of suggestions on how to navigate life in sobriety—things to embrace, things to avoid, methods for dealing with adversity, and daily habits to cultivate to ensure continuous (and enjoyable) sobrity.

Willpower’s Not Enough

Recovering from Addictions of Every Kind (Arnold M. Washton)—Written by a doctor whose specialty is the field of addiction, this book takes a careful look at the many forms of addiction and concludes that the mechanism of choice is disrupted by the addictive cycle—full of insights about the addictive personality, relapse, and sustained recovery.

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