Problems with addiction have existed for decades. It is not a new issue. However, despite advancing research and understanding, it is a subject that is still plagued with many stigmas and myths. These stigmas can hold people back from seeking the potentially life-saving treatment that they need. As a friend, family member, coworker, neighbor, or person in recovery yourself, you can make a difference and help break down the stigmas of addiction.

Educate yourself and others about addiction. Learn more about the causes and effects of alcohol and drug use and how dependency and addiction develop. Read up on the latest treatment methods and evidence-based approaches. Long-term recovery is possible and it’s not too late to seek treatment and support.

Share your story of addiction and recovery. Show others that treatment does work and there is life beyond substance use. You never know whose life you’ll change with your encouragement and honesty.

Attend awareness events to show your support. Every voice matters. This can also be a great way to continue educating yourself and your family about addiction and recovery and setting a positive example. You can get more information about other ways to advocate for addiction treatment and prevention as well, and find new opportunities to get involved.

Write letters to your local or state representative and congressmen. Share your concern and your support for improved legislation that helps people gain access to treatment. Pay attention to what is happening in the news and how you can make a difference.

You may not always see an immediate result from your actions, but know that you are making a difference. It is possible to overcome addiction and achieve long-term recovery with the right treatment and ongoing support. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, get the help you need at Seacliff today.

Start your journey to recovery today at Seacliff and inspire others.
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