Actor Charlie Sheen has admitted to a history of drug use, mental illness, and outrageous behavior in the past but is now worried sick about his 35 year old ex-wife Brooke Mueller’s health and the welfare of their sons. It is no secret that after 19 failed attempts at drug treatment that Brooke Mueller is in big trouble. She recently walked out of rehab after only a couple days of treatment. Mueller claims she is doing fine in a text message to a news station.

The latest stint, the 19th attempt for Brook lasted for six days. She was there for detoxification from Adderall. On Dec. 7, Mueller was taken to a Los Angeles hospital in an ambulance after a friend reportedly found the 35-year-old unconscious at her home. She had been using the prescription drug in order to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but became “uncomfortable” with its effects.

Sometimes people only learn when there are no more lessons to learn

According to Brooke’s good friend, Kathy Hilton, Brooke has had addiction problems since she was a teenager. In fact, Mueller had signed to costar with Paris Hilton in new reality TV show The World According to Paris, but had to quit when she entered rehab for help with her enduring alcohol and drug problems.

There have been public problems of domestic violence between Sheen and Mueller in the past and now they are in the spotlight for drug and alcohol problems. Sheen fears for Brooke’s health and well-being because she is not in good place right now and is in denial about her addiction. Sheen says that she is on a downward spiral and he feels powerless to do anything to stop her. Their twins Bob and Max are primarily cared for by nannies and Brooke’s parents currently but Sheen worries they will grow up without a mother.

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