The road to recovery is tough, but you don’t have to go at it alone. You can make the journey much easier by building a network of supporters to stand by your side. Your friends and family want to see you overcome your addiction, but sometimes, they may not know how to help. It may be up to you to make the first move. So how do you go about building this addiction recovery support system?

Step 1: Admit you have a problem to your friends and family. Your loved ones may not even know that you have an addiction. Let them know what you are going through and that you need help. You will need to be open if you ever hope to gain their support. It is up to you if you wish to let people know individually, or if you would rather make an announcement to the group as a whole.

Step 2: Be direct about wanting help. Don’t waste time beating around the bush. Be outright and direct about your recovery. Tell your friends and family that you need their help. They care about you and want you to get better, so they are willing to be part of your support network. If someone is unsure of how they can help, tell them that lending an ear is enough to assist. Having someone to talk to can be a tremendous benefit to your recovery process.

Step 3: Seek professional help. Once you’ve opened up to your friends and family, it is important to go on to the next step, which is seeking professional guidance. Your loved ones may give great moral support, but you will need to seek out assistance from a licensed therapist or counselor to fully overcome an addiction. You may be wary about going to rehab or treatment, but your support network will be there to push you in the right direction.

Don’t put the burden on yourself when going through addiction recovery. It is vital to seek out people to create a personal support system. The more people standing behind you, the more motivated you will be to seek help. Speak to your friends and family today, and let them know that you will need their support to get through these tough times.

What methods have you used to create a solid support system for your addiction recovery? Tell us in the comments below!

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