We know that boredom plays a big part in people’s drug use. Through sports, it has been shown that there are other activities out there that addicts will enjoy, which can replace the buzz of drugs.  Some addicts will take up a sporting activity that will erase the boredom and lead them to a drug free life.  This type of therapy works well with an established treatment program and can provide the best results and fast recovery.

The Case of Mark and Sports

He was certain that his drug use would kill him.  He had been using crack cocaine and heroin for many years. There was already a risk that he would lose one of his legs due to excessive injecting.  Mark decided to sign up for a fishing course offered by a nearby club. Given his poor attendance record, no-one was sure if he would turn up on the first day of the course. But Mark proved them wrong- he was the first to arrive at 9 o’clock sharp!  Because Mark has done lots of fishing in the past, he was able to pass on tips and advice to the other guys on the course. This gave him a big boost in self-esteem.

The fact that he wasn’t using drugs during each 7-hour fishing session also gave him the confidence to realize that he could get through the day without drugs.  Mark attended all 6 sessions of the course- a huge achievement for someone who used to struggle to keep his appointments. He now wants to pursue a career in fishing by starting a course in fishery management.

The Case of Carmen and Sports

She says, “I started using cocaine sporadically while I was enrolled as a student at Southern Methodist University at Dallas. Over time, my friends and I began to use cocaine on an every weekend basis. During this time, I felt as though I was in total control over my usage of the drug, and rationalized that it was not negatively affecting my life.”

Three months after graduation, my career was looking great and I loved my job. However, some problems soon arose in my life that I had difficulty confronting.  I found myself overwhelmed with undesirable emotions, and in a miserable state of existence. I began to crave cocaine, and turned towards its use as the solution of my problems. I soon reverted back to my old behavior, and made friends with those in the drug culture. I began using cocaine on the weekends, and periodically during the week. It did not take long before I began using it on a daily basis, and I knew that I was in trouble. However, I could not stop no matter how much I wanted to. Cocaine completely took control of my life, and I was no longer in the driver’s seat.

Carmen joined the company soccer team and began practicing and playing an average of twenty hours per week.  Today, Carmen is one of the top players on the company, is completely drug free and is now coaching a youth sports team.

If you have an interest in sports and have a drug addiction, contact us at R&R Recovery at Seacliff and we can design a sport and treatment program to lead you out of your addiction and put you on the road to recovery.

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