A New Year has begun—but how will you greet it? Will you embrace it as an opportunity to start fresh, and to approach your life and your recovery with renewed positivity and enthusiasm? Or will you lament it as just another season in life, forfeiting any opportunity to make real change?

We urge you, as the calendar page turns, to treat this new year as an opportunity for positivity. Here are a few ways to do so:

Treat each day as a new beginning. Remind yourself daily that you have a clean slate—that the past is the past, and that you don’t have to be bound by your personal history any longer. It’s never too late to turn over a new leaf.

Look for the good in difficult situations. Even when you encounter grim scenarios, spend some time in reflection, and make note of any silver linings you identify.

Give back. Nothing helps you maintain a positive attitude like helping others who are in need. Instead of focusing on your own problems, try to spend some of your time addressing the needs of others through volunteerism, charitable giving, or simply being a friend to people who need one.

Keep setting goals. What is it that you’d like to accomplish in the coming year? What would make it a successful year, in your mind? Spend some time thinking it over, and write down your goals, as well as the steps you might take to achieve them.

Positive mindsets don’t happen by accident. They happen when we are intentional about it. Make sure you are intentional in your positivity—and that you take full advantage of this brand new year to make a fresh start for yourself, and for your recovery.

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