Whether you face regular panic attacks or simply the occasional flare-up of anxiety, it can be difficult to calm yourself in the heat of the moment. With these strategies, however, you can defray some of the impact of those panic attacks, and preserve your mental health.

What to Do When Anxiety Strikes

Remember to breathe. A lot of people tense up and hold their breath when panic strikes—but remembering to keep airflow going is key. You might even download some apps you can use to lead you through breathing exercises.

Don’t be hasty. Look before you leap. Rather than make a rash decision in the heat of the moment, allow yourself to pause and reflect.

Take your medications as prescribed. Anxiety is no reason to take more or less than your prescribed dosage, unless you’re cleared to do so by your physician!

Exercise. Put on your athletic shoes and get moving! Spending a few minutes stimulating blood flow can really help you work through anxiety and stress.

Turn off the TV. Do what you can to cut down on stimuli, including the TV, and allow yourself some serenity.

Get some sunshine. Being outside is always helpful when you’re faced with sudden stress.

Relax. Napping is often just the thing. Alternatively, run a hot shower or take a soothing bath.

Journal. A moment of quiet reflection can help you get your feelings in order—and writing down your senses or reflections in a journal is one good way of achieving that.

Seek Help for Your Anxiety Disorder

True anxiety disorders can be treated, and the first step is getting the right diagnosis. If you struggle with anxiety as well as addiction, dual diagnosis care is ideal. Learn more by contacting us at Seacliff Recovery today.

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