Dennis Rodman Checks into RehabFormer basketball star Dennis Rodman is once again getting help for alcoholism, according to the latest reports. Rodman’s agent said the athlete is in need of emotional support at this time, and that he has checked into a rehab center.

Rodman was recently in Asia where he has been acting as a political figure to the North Korean government. This was not Rodman’s first trip to North Korea, but the stress of his trip there, and some words he mistakenly said while under the influence of alcohol, have driven him to seek help.

Rodman’s agent said in a statement,

“What was potentially a historic and monumental event turned into a nightmare for everyone concerned,” Prince said, according to The Associated Press. “Dennis Rodman came back from North Korea in pretty rough shape emotionally. The pressure that was put on him to be a combination ‘super human’ political figure and ‘fixer’ got the better of him.”

A History of Alcoholism

The basketball star has dealt with alcoholism for many years now. He has always been known for his “bad-boy” attitude, full of antics on and off the court. But in recent years, his alcoholism has gotten the better of him. He entered an outpatient rehab program for alcoholism in 2008, but by 2012 it was clear to everyone around Rodman that he was back to his drinking ways. The hope is that Rodman is getting treatment in an inpatient program that will help him get his alcoholism under control for good this time.

Rodman is not the only celebrity that is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse this month. Trace Adkins and Justin Bieber have also made headlines with their substance abuse. As more and more people are affected by alcoholism, it is important that our society finds positive role models, and that parents especially talk to their children about the devastating affects of alcoholism.

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