So many people are suffering from depression these days. In a desperate attempt to relieve it many people are turning to drugs and alcohol to cover it up. Depression is very difficult for the individual and the families of these people. The drugs and alcohol do not make the depression go away and if the depressed individual tries to stop the substance the depression will just become worsened. This forces them to go back to masking it and sets the table for a full blown addiction.

It is normal to feel down every now and then but it is about how the depression is handled that makes the difference. Depression makes people lose interest in themselves and in things they used to enjoy, it causes worry, and an impending sense of doom. When depression becomes chronic that is when it is extremely dangerous. This is when people often turn to substance abuse for the answer.

Drugs and Alcohol Are Never The Answer

This will work for a while as drugs are tricky and they will make you think that everything is just dandy when in fact, it is really offering you nothing more than a slow death. This is why it is so important that a co-occurring disorders approach be offered to bring about total healing.

If the substance abuse is dealt with but the depression is left to linger then the attempt will be futile. The mental disorder is generally treated first and then the substance abuse disorder. Interpersonal therapy works very well for treating anxiety and depression coupled with substance abuse.

According to Mental Health America, more than 21 million American children and adults suffer from depression. Depression is also the principal cause of the 30,000 suicides in the U.S. each year. To prevent this it is suggested by a consensus panel that every client that receives substance abuse treatment should be screened for depressive symptoms.

Depression and Addiction Must Be Fought At The Same Time

Also, that all counselors and therapists become educated about the ways depressive symptoms can manifest in clients with substance use disorders and how those symptoms can affect substance abuse recovery. And, that all forms of treatment be client centered and integrated. Depression and substance abuse must be treated together and the best option is to enter a reputable treatment program that specializes in treating individuals with co-occurring disorders.

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