Addiction recovery is a process. Drug and alcohol use impact virtually every aspect of a person’s life, so creating lasting change takes time. The first step is to rid the body of the influence of these substances, and that is done through the detox process. Some people feel that once they are drug-free, they can manage recovery on their own. This is more complex than it may seem on the surface.

Detox is about addressing the physical aspects of addiction. Clients are supported in safely stopping use and working through withdrawal symptoms under the watchful eye of medical professionals. Medications may be given to help curb symptoms and ease discomfort. Sometimes people feel worse before they begin feeling better, but as their body heals, they build their strength and energy back. It can be a very empowering feeling to cleanse the body and know that you are no longer under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. You have made it through the beginning of the recovery process.

But, once again, that’s exactly what it is – a process. Detox does not address the mental, emotional, social, or spiritual impacts of addiction. Drugs change the way the brain processes information. Even though the body is free from drugs or alcohol, the brain must adapt too. Clients may still feel strong cravings or urges to use drugs.

Beyond Detox

That is what makes a comprehensive treatment program like Seacliff so essential. Once detox is completed, clients engage in a variety of therapies and activities to address underlying issues, treat co-occurring disorders, and build healthier routines. Clients learn more about what led to their addiction, how it affected their life, and what they can do to be proactive in reducing risk of relapse. Working with professional therapists and counselors, they can work through the challenges of continued sobriety, coping with stress and temptation, and understanding triggers.

Clients build a strong network of support so that they have others to turn to in times of need, and know who can help them to stay accountable and face difficult situations with strength and confidence. Comprehensive treatment programs teach a wide range of strategies for continued recovery such as exercise, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, journaling, and much more. This allows clients to overcome cravings and make healthier decisions to maintain their sobriety and enhance overall well-being.

Engaging in not just detox, but also residential or outpatient treatment as well as aftercare creates a supportive continuum that allows clients to maximize their recovery efforts. Seacliff provides support along each step of the way and assists clients in building the strategies and plans necessary for long-term recovery. Detox is just the start.

Are you ready to overcome addiction through a comprehensive treatment program that meets your individual needs? Call Seacliff today.
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