Placing blame occurs all too often among a hurting family. We as humans like to have closure as to why things happen and to know that the responsible party is held accountable for their actions. When a person dies or is injured because of a drunk driving accident, people tend to investigate everyone’s involvement, from the friends who were with the person, to family members who know the person, to the bartenders who were serving the alcohol.

An unexpected death caused by drunken driving can leave family members wondering what could have been done to prevent the incident. The fault ultimately belongs to the person abusing alcohol, but we often find that friends, servers, and even family members could have done something to stop the devastating events from unfolding.

Bartenders’ Responsibilities

Bartenders are not supposed to serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated customers, but intoxication is not always an easy thing to assess. Slurred speech, staggered steps, and sleepiness are telltale signs that someone has had too much to drink. But some drinkers can hold their liquor well, not being loud or boisterous like many others who have had too many. Even when a bartender cuts a person off, the drinker may turn to friends or even strangers to buy their drinks, or may go somewhere else to continue drinking. While bartenders are trained to look for signs of intoxication, there are many situations in which they are unable to keep a person from drinking. Even so, drunk driving accident investigations commonly look to the bartender who was serving the individual to see if something should have been done differently.

Family and Friends’ Responsibility

Sometimes fingers are pointed at the family themselves or the drinking buddies for not doing something about a loved one who drinks and drives. Each person needs to be responsible for their own actions, but loved ones can certainly warn a person that they are heading down a dangerous track. Family members who have loved ones do drink and drive should get help for the individual before they are involved in a serious accident. Caring family and good friends can help encourage a person to drink responsibly, and to ensure that the person does not drive while under the influence. Contact us immediately for alcohol abuse treatment. Our lines are open 24/7.

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