Fear is a very common feeling in addiction recovery, but overcoming this fear and pursuing new opportunities can take you places you only imagined. When you let fear hold you back, it can make you feel as though you are stuck in a rut. You may wonder what your purpose is and where your life is headed. By taking chances, having confidence, and going after new opportunities, you are moving your life forward and opening doors to new possibilities.

Having a strong support system in place is essential for overcoming fear. These are people you can trust to help steer you in the right direction, listen to your concerns, encourage you when you are feeling down and keep you motivated. When you know that there are people who have your back and believe in you, stepping out of your comfort zone and going after something you want can seem a little less scary.

Start with small steps. Maybe quitting your job and jumping into a new career is not the best option, but you could start by volunteering to see what is out there and build connections. It is okay to work your way up to larger goals and aspirations.

Have a plan to help ease your worries. What will you do if things do not work out as you imagined? Where will you go next? What if things do work out? What is the next step? While you cannot plan for every twist or turn life throws your way, you can be proactive and think ahead to different situations.

Keep in mind everything you have learned in recovery and the tools and resources you have at your disposal. Do not be afraid to talk things out or ask for help. Life does not have to be boring now that you are in recovery; so many new doors have been opened and new opportunities await. Find what makes you excited and motivated, have a strong support system in place, and get moving!

Tell us how your life has changed for the better by overcoming fear and embracing new opportunities!

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