What is treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders? The actual term, Integrated Dual Disorders is used for those who suffer from some type of addiction along with suffering from some form of mental illness. The treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders is an approach that helps people recover by offering mental health and substance abuse services together, in one setting, at the same time. Normally a team of the same clinicians provide the patient with a personalized treatment plan for both the mental health and substance abuse. A wide variety of services will be offered in stages because some of the services are important early in the treatment plan while other services are important later on.

The mental health issues may consist of issues such as depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety and the addiction side could include alcohol or drug addiction.  When these issues are combined, the most effective form of treatment for the patient is treatment for co-occurring disorders. This allows the patient to work on the mental health issue while receiving treatment for the addiction that will not conflict with each other or with medication prescribed for one or the other.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the addiction is caused by the mental health issue or that the mental health issue is caused by the addiction. While they are closely linked, one does not directly cause the other. Mental disorders are caused by a complex interplay of genetics, the environment and other outside factors. Drug or alcohol abuse used when a mental disorder is present may e the factor to push the patient over the edge.

It is usually difficult to diagnose and plan a treatment for co-occurring disorders. It takes time to sort out what might be mental disorder and what may be a drug or alcohol problem. As always, denial will complicate the issues at hand. It is hard to admit a dependency on drugs or alcohol as well as being difficult to admit a mental disorder. Sometimes you may even find that you are ashamed of a mental disorder or an addiction.

The one thing to remember is that co-occurring disorders do not go away when ignored and will likely even get worse.  That is why R&R Recovery at Seacliff is here and ready to assist you with any type of substance abuse addiction or mental health issues. We offer a personalized treatment for co-occurring disorders and will stand with you every step of the way. We believe that the proper treatment plan is one that is tailored to fit your needs and our staff will sit down and discuss your issues in order to make certain that we have a correct diagnosis for your and tailor your treatment plan to achieve total success.

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