As football season draws to a close, it’s almost time for the Big Game! Whether your favorite teams are playing or not, it can still be fun to celebrate and see who wins. However, these kinds of events are also known for heavy drinking and can be a difficult time for those in recovery. Set yourself up for success by taking steps to enjoy the festivities while also staying faithful to your sobriety.

  • Find a sober party: Use your connections in the recovery community to find a sober party and celebrate with others who are choosing not to drink. Talk to people in your support group and see what they are up to. You can all motivate one another.
  • Choose invites wisely: If you know that there will be a strong focus on alcohol at a party, politely decline. Stick with events where you feel comfortable and know that there won’t be a lot of temptation.
  • Host your own party: Take control of the situation by hosting your own sober party. Have plenty of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available to make it a family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Focus on the game: The Big Game is the main attraction anyway, so focus on watching and see what happens next. Engage in conversations about the calls that are made, the players, the previous season, and of course the commercials.
  • Distract yourself: Take your mind off of drinking by making fun predictions about the game and what you think will happen. Guess the score, who will win, who will make big plays, the points at the end of each quarter, how many yards of penalties each team with get and more.

Prove to yourself and others that you can have a blast without any alcohol at all. Enjoy the socialization and good-spirited competition. Prep yourself in advance by talking to your sponsor or attending a meeting prior to any parties. If you’re having trouble getting through the day without a drink, consider seeking treatment at an alcohol rehab center like Seacliff.

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