Holistic rehab is receiving much attention lately for its effectiveness. This type of treatment examines the entire body, mind, and spirit, in order to heal all aspects of a life that is in turmoil with substance addiction. It is such a successful way to treat an addiction because all of these different pieces of a person’s life need to be functioning properly for real health.

Therapy for the Body

Holistic rehab programs are often located in beautiful, natural settings, such as in the magnificent mountains or near the clear blue ocean. Appreciating the greatness of nature allows patients to experience the calming effects of such settings and to focus on things other than their own problems. Not only will a program that works to heal the entire individual help detox the body from an addictive substance, but it will also make use of good nutrition to help the person recover more completely. Organic foods or specialty diets often go hand-in-hand with a holistic treatment program, because the body is so easily impacted by the food it takes in.

Therapy for the Mind

The mind must also be attended to when recovering from an addiction. Help is often provided by therapists and counselors who use techniques that get to the underlying issues that have led to the addiction. Family counseling sessions, group therapy, and support groups are all important to help the mind recover from addiction. A successful holistic rehab program will also look for co-occurring mental health disorders that would hinder the recovery process. Individuals who have been given a co-occurring disorder of substance dependence and a mental health disorder will need to be treated for both conditions together for recovery.

Therapy for the Spirit

The use of spiritual healing is also important in holistic rehab. The journey toward sobriety is often a very private one, and individuals can gain inner strength through spiritual healing. Because a person’s beliefs are so personal, many programs offer general ways that any individual can use to improve their spiritual health. Meditation, prayer, and spiritual counseling can help align the rest of the patient’s life, and make recovery more complete.

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