There is much talk in the news these days about designer drugs that are making their way into our country and being abused by our youth. Parents need to be aware of these new drugs in order to help their child stay away from them, but should also remember to warn their teens about older drugs like heroin. Parents sometimes fail to talk to their kids about heroin because they think their kids won’t try it or that everyone already knows the dangers. But drugs like heroin are still lurking around and young people are still becoming addicted to these substances too.

The New Heroin

Heroin, derived from the poppy plant, is still grown and processed throughout the world. A Schedule 1 drug, heroin is a pain blocker that provides a rush of euphoria, accompanied by slowed speech, a clouded mind, and impaired large motor function. Heroin still poses the same kinds of danger as it did in the past, but the heroin of today has a higher level of purity (55 percent) than it did years ago (10 percent). Because of this, teens do not need to inject the heroin to get the same high. Today, many teens snort or smoke heroin, which may seem to them like it is less harmful or won’t lead to addiction as easily.

Dangers of Heroin

However, heroin is still very addicting, and users who experiment with this drug can quickly be faced with a long struggle with addiction. Users unknowingly become dependent on the drug and are at risk for heart, liver, and respiratory problems. Infection at the injection site and breathing problems are common among heroin users. Withdrawing from heroin causes severe symptoms of pain, insomnia, vomiting, restlessness, and in severe cases, even death. Because of this, professional help in a medical setting is necessary for withdrawing from heroin abuse.

Parents need to talk to their kids about the dangers of all drugs, including heroin. This drug is still popular among young people, and it should not be dismissed as an older generation’s drug. Parents have a difficult, yet important responsibility to educate their children about the dangers of drugs, both old and new. 

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