It’s heartbreaking to watch a family member struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. You naturally want to help them but that may be easier said than done. Those who are in the grip of addiction can sometimes struggle to see and acknowledge the problem, which means they’ll dismiss your entreaties for them to seek help.

A more focused approach may be needed—specifically, a formal intervention. Interventions are often successful in coaxing an individual to seek addiction rehab—but what is an intervention, exactly?

What Is an Intervention?

It’s not the same thing as simply sitting down and having a heart-to-heart conversation with your loved one, though that’s certainly a component of it. Rather, an intervention:

  • Is something that’s carefully planned weeks in advance;
  • Involves not just one person but a group of family members and close friends;
  • Is coordinated under the guidance of a doctor or addiction rehab counselor. (Seacliff can help!)

During the intervention, you and the group will sit down with the person who’s struggling with addiction and speak together about your concerns. It’s generally recommended that you provide the person with some specific examples of how their addiction has impacted the family. Also provide a prearranged treatment plan—giving your loved one some hope, and a specific path forward.

Interventions are confrontational by their very nature, and it’s important to speak firmly. With that said, it’s also critical to stress how much you love the person who’s struggling; make it clear that you’re worried and just want to see the person seek the help they need.

Arranging an Intervention?If you believe it’s time to stage an intervention for your family member or close friend, we invite you to contact Seacliff today; we’ll guide you through the process and outline some treatment options you can provide to your loved one.

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