Celebrities who spend a lot of time in the spotlight often find themselves getting caught up in a lifestyle involving drugs, alcohol, and partying. Countless celebrities have ruined their lives or careers because of these unhealthy behaviors, often because they are pressured to fit in with other celebrities.

Many rising stars are also putting their lives in danger because of the drastic dieting trends they are using to stay super-thin. There is so much pressure for celebrities to look a certain way, and sometimes they can even miss out on being cast for a big role if they are not thin enough. Too many celebrities are putting their health and well-being in danger because of their extreme dieting.

Unhealthy Dieting Trends

Hollywood stars struggle to stay thin. The personal trainers and individual diet plans of celebrities are viewed and talked about by the rest of the country, often resulting in fans trying the same trends.  Teens across the country watch how their favorite star diets, and they do all they can to look like celebrities. When star diet trends are unhealthy, it is important that we help our young people avoid copying their favorite celeb.

Many celebrities and their fans use medications to increase metabolism and slow hunger. Some drugs are prescribed by a doctor and can be safe, but those desperate to lose weight often take more than the recommended amount in order to see faster results. Some celebrities take prescription drugs designed for other things, such as antidepressants, diuretics, and hormone therapy drugs to shed pounds. Still, other stars have been rumored to use cocaine or crystal meth to keep the weight off.

Clearly, we want to avoid the dangerous diet plans we hear about in the magazines. However, young people who are struggling with their body image and want to imitate the rich and famous may not see the danger in these diet trends. Young girls especially are at risk for not only using dangerous tactics to get thin, but to become addicted to staying thin. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia can develop quickly and before the person knows it, they are in a battle with food. If a young person is going to imitate their favorite celebrities, they need to be careful to not get sucked in by the extreme focus of looking “good”.

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