When hosting a party in your home, it’s important to make sure all your guests feel taken care of. Of course, this requires a good selection of food and drinks. But what about those guests who may be in addiction recovery? Can you accommodate their needs, without totally banning alcohol? Or should you just not invite those guests in the first place?

Of course, it is very possible to host a party that everyone can enjoy, whether sober or otherwise. Here are just a few tips.

Hosting a Party That Everyone Can Enjoy

  • First, make sure you have a lot of drink options, including some non-alcoholic ones. Make sure the drinks are properly labeled so that there is no question which ones contain alcohol and which ones don’t.
  • Ensure that the party isn’t just about drinking. Have some other activities planned that people can enjoy, with or without an alcoholic beverage in hand.
  • Alert guests to any “hidden” alcohol. That doesn’t mean alcohol you have hidden in your pantry, but rather alcohol that’s used in any of the food you’ve prepared.
  • Check in with your sober friends to ask if you can help them with anything, but don’t hover. It’s important to strike a balance here—don’t ignore them, but also don’t be overbearing.
  • If possible, always invite multiple people who are sober, or perhaps some people who simply don’t like to drink, so that they can enjoy some solidarity together.

Be Mindful of Friends in Recovery

When you have people in your life who are in addiction recovery, a gesture of friendship can mean all the world—so by all means, invite them to your party! Use these tips to make sure they have a great time, even without drinks.

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