Holidays are an exciting and joyful time for many, but for those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, they can be very challenging. Family and loved ones should be especially aware during the holidays of the difficulty someone faces when they want to remain sober but are surrounded by stress and temptation.

Anyone going through addiction recovery knows that in order to avoid relapse, it’s important to avoid triggers to use, as well as excessive stress—things that the holiday season is known for causing. Families that are conscious of this can take steps to not exasperate the efforts of their loved ones in drug and alcohol recovery.

Show Support

The most important thing a family can do for someone struggling with substance abuse is to show support. Be a resource that they can talk to when they are feeling overwhelmed, a person they can count on to help pick up the slack when things get too busy, and an understanding partner when they need to just take time out and be alone. Encourage your loved one to remain on the right track to recovery, even when the holidays threaten to undo their hard work.

Take the Alcohol Out of the Holidays

Many people equate holiday parties with alcohol. However, for someone who is working to control their alcohol abuse, holiday drinking makes it difficult to partake in festivities. Loved ones should be sensitive to this, and should be sure to provide non-alcoholic drinks at their holiday parties, or better yet, do away with the alcohol altogether.

Addiction recovery is a lifestyle choice, and those who are going through recovery are much more likely to succeed if they have the support of caring family and friends. This year, be aware of the impact the holiday season can have on those in recovery, and offer your support to those who have chosen to put their addiction behind them.

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