Addiction recovery is a journey; it doesn’t happen overnight. The greatest risk for relapse is typically in early recovery as clients are adjusting to their new lifestyle and consistently implementing the strategies that they learned in treatment. While some people do experience relapse, others are able to continue moving forward in sobriety without incident.

Sometimes clients experience a slip – a moment where they have a drink but immediately realize what they have done and want to get back on track with their recovery. A slip does not have to lead to relapse and does not mean that treatment has failed. If you find yourself in the midst of a slip, here are some steps to cope and stay safe:

  • Stop what you are doing and get yourself to a safe space where there is no alcohol.
  • Call someone you trust for support and let them know what happened.
  • Try to determine what led to this slip. Were you stressed out? In the company of negative influences? Not focused on prevention strategies or the presence of potential triggers?
  • Talk to your therapist or counselor to work through your emotions and the challenges of experiencing a slip.
  • Attend a support group meeting and hear from others about how they dealt with similar situations and got back on track.
  • Participate in outpatient treatment or another program to refocus and reinforce what you have learned in recovery to prevent another slip or risk of relapse.

Try not to let a slip make you lose focus of everything you have been working toward. It is a small setback, but you can bounce back, and long-term recovery is still attainable. Seacliff Recovery Center can help you to reaffirm your commitment to recovery and implement strategies to promote healthier routines and strengthen your relapse prevention efforts.

Have you experienced a slip? Find out how Seacliff Recovery Center can help you get back on track.
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