In today’s society, we often see stars entering a long term rehab center for help with an addiction problem. The issue is that they are usually entering after a run-in with the law that requires them to seek treatment in order to avoid a jail term for some alcohol or drug related charge. A much more effective method for a successful stay is to enter the treatment facility on your own volition because you want a better life. It is much better to enter the treatment center because you want to rather than to avoid criminal punishment.

If a person suffering from an addiction and truly wants to battle that addiction, why would they pursue anything other than a long term rehab center for treatment? Addiction is more than just physical. Long term rehab centers are more successful because they realize that addictions are not just a physical problem. As with any addiction, the underlying emotional and mental reasons why they sought out the addiction in the first place must be dealt with alongside the physical treatment. If these issues are not dealt with along with the physical problem, then the issues remain and a relapse is almost certain.

Any type of treatment that is not long term is not administered with the patient’s best interest at heart. While short term care allows the patient to return to their job, family and everyday life sooner, it also allows the greater possibility of a relapse and need for return to rehab. That is why a long term drug treatment center should always be preferred over the short-term treatment plan.

Whatever type of addiction you or a loved one may have, whether it is alcohol problems or illegal or prescription drugs, know that you are in safe hands with our trained professionals at R&R Recovery at Seacliff. At R&R Recovery at Seacliff we specialize in Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment, Co-Occurring Disorders, Chronic Relapse, Trauma Recovery and Extended Care treatment plans. We are here for you providing a personal treatment plan designed to see you through your personal needs and make sure that you receive the guidance you need to live an addiction free life.

At R&R Recovery at Seacliff, we know that getting clean requires courage, guidance and structure. That is why we work hard to strengthen your courage while providing the essential guidance needed to kick your habit in an atmosphere that is structured in a way that ensures your successful completion of our program and allows you to re-enter a life that is free of dependency issues. We believe that our treatment plans allow our clients to build a solid foundation of recovery and offer some of the best sober living California has to offer.

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