As you go through alcohol or drug rehab and recovery, you’ll covet the support and encouragement of your friends. A common concern is actually maintaining friendships during the recovery; many worry that their friends won’t want to hang out with them any more once they go into rehab.

That concern is perfectly natural, but fortunately, it almost never bears out. The truth is that the people who really love and care for you will rally behind you during your time of need. They’ll want to be there for you in whatever way they can.

What’s more, there are some simple guidelines you can keep in mind to ensure your friendships are nurtured and strengthened during recovery. Here are just a few of them.

How to Maintain Friendships When You’re in Recovery

Be honest about your needs. There may be parts of your journey that you’re not quite ready to talk about yet, but it’s good to be forthcoming with your close friends about some of the struggles you’re facing. They can’t help you unless you show them how!

Ask for their understanding. When you’re in recovery, it means you probably won’t want to go to a lot of parties or events where alcohol is served. Hopefully your friends will recognize this, but don’t hesitate to speak up and ask them for some flexibility.

Don’t be afraid to say no. To that end, if your friends ask you to go somewhere or do something you know will be triggering, it’s perfectly alright to give a polite no.

Be intentional. You’ll want to plan some time for yourself, but also make sure you plan and coordinate some time spent with friends; being around people who love you is so important for a healthy recovery!

Keep going to therapy. Finally, you can’t be a good friend if you’re not in a healthy state of mind—so be sure you keep going to counseling, support groups, and therapy as recommended.

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