Eating right is especially important for those in recovery for addictions, who are trying to regain their physical health after long  periods of poor eating habits.

Most people are genuinely surprised when they take a closer look at what they eat each day. Luckily, a good rehab program includes nutrition education along with healthy meals and snacks. Having this important groundwork makes moving back into a sober living facility, or back home, easier and healthier.


Using a portion guide makes choosing healthy food portions a snap. There are many good ones available for free online, and after a while taking a healthy portion will be second nature. Not all foods are created equal, and size does matter!


Meal plates should be full, but not spilling over the edges. Nix the buffet. And when filling a plate remember that higher calorie, less nutritious foods should be passed over in favor of healthy choices. Easy to say, hard to do. For a good visual, down load this perfect plate guide to get started.


Fruits and veggies, big surprise. Not. To make this very important change, start by eating one fruit, once a day, three times a week. Then gradually add days, and then add another fruit. Do the same with vegetables. Soon this will become a habit!


Going to hang out on the sofa and watch a ball game? Don’t take the chip bag along—take a few chips, and leave the bag in the kitchen. Review a menu before eating out to decide the best healthy choices. Need to gain weight? Eat up!—but only the healthy foods! Planning meals ahead is the best way to keep that pizza from being delivered on a regular basis.


Keep healthy food and snacks in sight. Don’t eat in front of the TV. Identify personal circumstances that promote healthy eating, and then keep with it!


Make food a pleasurable experience. Eat outside, choose beautiful fruits and veggies to dress up the meal. Make it an event, don’t just use the nice napkins and placemats for company. Soon eating in a healthy way will feel special, not just something to be hurried through.


Eating to feel better? Or eating for fuel? There is a difference, and the fuel needs to take the lead during recovery. Self-reminders about how eating well during recovery leads to feeling better, gaining strength and being empowered will help.

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