3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), quite a mouth full isn’t it?

Which is why this designer drug, popular with the college-aged club set; was nicknamed Molly.

Sounds innocent enough, but is it?

Little Molly packs quite a punch with its mind-altering, euphoric effects lasting 3-6 hours. Hence the popularity. The not-so-funny joke however is on the buyer as sellers tout this drug as ‘pure’ and safe.

Yet, Rusty Payne, DEA spokesperson, reveals the truth behind these myths about Molly.  Suppliers are making it look like something that is safe and easy to take, but in many cases, you’re playing Russian roulette. You have no idea the lab environment these chemicals or substances were produced in. If they [users} knew where things were produced, they might think twice.”

The DEA’s New England division spokesperson, Anthony Pettigrew, agrees, that there is no such thing as a “good batch” of Molly.

“This is stuff that’s made in somebody’s bathtub in Asia, the Netherlands or Canada, you have no idea what is in this stuff. Dealers want to make more money, so they’ll mix and adulterate the stuff with meth and any number of other drugs to addict people to it,” Pettigrew said. 

Reports of Molly drug overdoses are hitting the airwaves in droves. 16 – 24 year olds are being influenced by pop singers and peers alike that Molly is the be all and end all. What they are not being told though, is that Molly just might be the end of it all – the end of their lives.

Northeast Educational Institutions Take Action Against Molly

There is a growing concern among college administrators as Molly’s popularity and deaths due to Molly drug overdoses skyrockets among college-aged adolescents in the northeast.

The Huffington Post and Boston.com have both reported how administrators are educating students of the risks associated with Molly by bringing to light the truth about this dangerous drug.

School officials across the country and parents alike need to educate their students and children of the myths being fed to them by their uninformed peers and irresponsible pop singers. They need to be aware that Molly drug overdoses are a very real consequence of taking this “cute little pill.”

If you or someone you know is abusing drugs encourage them to seek treatment immediately.

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