Whether you’ve just begun your recovery journey or you have been on that path for many years, it’s critical to care for yourself. Addiction can leave you feeling battered and bruised, and recovery itself comes with many challenges; showing yourself some love and some grace can prevent you from burning out, relapsing, or simply settling into discouragement.

But how can you practice effective self-care? There’s no one right way to do it. Here are a few proven strategies that have worked for many people; perhaps some of the might work for you, too.

Practicing Self-Care

Meditate. Spend some time in solitude, breathing deeply and emptying your mind. There are apps you can get that will guide you through the meditation process.

Yoga. Some gentle stretches and yoga poses can soothe your mind and your body alike.

Pampering. Go for a massage. Take a hot bath. Get some lotion and rub your feet. Show yourself a little bit of tenderness.

Go outside. Never underestimate the healing power of fresh air and sunshine. Better still: Go for a stroll, and get some blood circulating.

Get cozy. There’s not a thing wrong with snuggling up on the couch, under a warm blanket, and either reading a good book or watching a favorite movie.

Journal. Spend some time in reflection. Better yet, practice gratitude, journaling about some of the things you’re thankful for.

Be creative. There is immense therapeutic benefit to painting, writing, or playing a musical instrument.

Play. Board games, crossword puzzles, and word teasers can all be helpful ways to connect with a sense of wonder and whimsy.

There are obviously a lot of ways to care for yourself. Use these tips as guidelines, and work to discover the self-care methods that work the best for you.

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