We live in an addictive society. Today more than ever before, people struggle with real addictions to many different things. It’s not just drugs or alcohol anymore – people today are becoming addicted to things as simple as their smartphones.

As devices like smartphones become more common and are more sophisticated, people rely on them more than ever. The more people rely on them, the more people think they can’t live without them. Smartphones are almost a necessity to those who own them, and they can quickly become something individuals become addicted to using.

The Overuse of Smartphones in Today’s Society

Part of the draw with smart phones is the variety of what they can do. With a smartphone, an individual can connect instantly with others, be entertained, and access a wealth of information. All of these things can pull a user in, and before they know it, they are unable to function on their own.

Of course, many smartphone users are not truly addicted to their devices; they just overuse them. Many people miss out on the world around them and real person to person relationships because of their smartphone abuse, but they can stop if they need to. Other people are actually becoming addicted to these devices, and may even need therapy and counseling to function without them.

Set Limits to Avoid Addiction

In order to keep smartphone addiction from becoming a problem, individuals should set limits for their smartphone use. People should try turning their phones off for periods of time during the day, and work on talking face to face to people around them. It is also beneficial to occasionally go “unplugged”, and turn off all devices and computers for a weekend, in order to get back to the important things in life.

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