Sobriety may seem, at first blush, like something that will seriously impair your social life. After all, many people enjoy sipping drinks with their friends, or even hanging out at a bar. Some prefer to have a drink or two before they go out, using it as a kind of social lubricant. Getting sober can obviously put a damper on all of this.

Yet, maintaining isolation is detrimental to recovery. You’ve got to be social in order to maintain your sobriety—a catch-22.

The good news is that you can socialize without having drinks—and you can have a lot of fun doing so, too.

Disclosing Sobriety

You can always simply tell your friends and family members that you’re not drinking because you’re in recovery—and they will surely understand and refrain from pressuring you to drink. With that said, you may not want to disclose this personal information. That’s certainly your choice.

If that’s the boat you’re in, consider some of these helpful responses to people who ask why you’re not drinking.

  • You’re focusing on your health
  • You’re trying to lose weight
  • You simply don’t feel like drinking
  • You have to be up early in the morning

Also remember that you’re not under any obligation to explain yourself; these are just some responses to try if you feel they will make your life easier.

Additional Tips for Socializing in Sobriety

We also recommend these tips:

  • If you have a close friend who knows you are in recovery, take him or her along to be sober with
  • Research some good non-alcoholic drinks that you can order.
  • Don’t expect everyone else to quit drinking just because you did; be prepared for the fact that other people will be imbibing.
  • Have an exit strategy—an excuse to leave the gathering early if you feel like you’re under a lot of pressure.
  • Invite friends to places and social events where there isn’t drinking going on, especially morning or day-time activities.

Use these strategies to maintain sobriety—while still having a social life.

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