It is never surprising to most when someone in the music industry ends up an addict. After all, they seem to go together. It doesn’t even matter which genre of music it is. Often rappers get a bad reputation for abusing drugs and alcohol but there are a few that have chased drugs and almost lost, but didn’t and there are some that did lose everything, including their life.

Some Rappers that Have Battled Addiction and Won:

No Love Lost rapper, Joe Budden, who now stars in the TV series “Love & Hip Hop,” took a drug test and shocked everyone by testing clean. Joe has battled addiction for years but has been clean for 14 years and then he relapsed. Most believed the relapse was the beginning of a whole new drug battle but Joe proved he knew how to manage the tools he was given and to manage his relapse.

Eminem has had his share of substance abuse issues. The notoriously reclusive rapper opened
up about how an addiction to pills including methadone nearly cost him his life. “It’s no secret I had a drug problem,” he said. “If I was to give you a number of Vicodin I would actually take in a day? Anywhere between 10 to 20. Valium, Ambien, the numbers got so high I don’t even knows what I was taking.” The demons forced him to come to grips with his addiction.

Lil Wayne raps about his drug of choice in “Me and My Drank.” Lil Wayne admitted he had a substance abuse problem — claiming he would frequently pound a codeine-based drink called sizzurp because he was “sick.” Wayne said he first started drinking the stuff when he was a kid because one of his idols, Pimp C, would often rap about it. Wayne insists he quit using the stuff in 2009 and he explains he no longer needs it because, “I’m not sick anymore.”

DMX has battled drug problems his whole life including crack. In 2010, the rapper was busted for cocaine and Oxycontin, which violated his earlier parole. DMX claimed that he had kicked the habit in 2012, when he said he was “too old” for hard drugs.”

But No matter who you are, Addiction can still take your Life

Pimp C rapped on the track “Sippin’ on Some Syrup” about his taste for sizzurp. Sadly, this addiction, coupled with a sleeping disorder, lead to his accidental overdose and death in 2008. The UGK rapper was only 33 years old. The tragedy continues to cast a shadow on hip hop scene today.

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