The trick or treating season is in full swing now—and with it there may come a few chances to party with your friends or family members. Halloween parties can be fun, but for those who are in recovery, they can also be daunting. What happens if alcohol is present at the party? What can you do to ensure you keep your recovery intact?

Maintaining Your Sobriety at Halloween Gatherings

We can offer you a few practical tips:

  • Ask in advance if there will be alcohol. If the person throwing the party is someone you feel comfortable with, you can simply ask in advance is alcohol will be present. This way, you at least know what you’re getting yourself into.
  • Bring a friend. It always helps to have at least one person at the party who knows that you are in recovery. Make that person your “buddy,” and stick with them throughout the party.
  • Be honest. It can be hard opening up about your recovery, and you may not be ready to do so yet. That’s okay! If you are able to talk about your recovery, though, it can be helpful to simply let people know where you are. Your friends will respect this, and they won’t try to foist drinks on you if you open up to them.
  • Have an exit strategy. If the party takes a turn, and everyone there is drinking heavily, you want to make a graceful exit. Be ready with a good excuse—a simple reason why you need to duck out of the gathering.

One more thing: If you are in recovery programs, your therapist can help you put together a good relapse prevention plan, which can be critical in situations like this one. Reach out to Seacliff Recovery Center to learn more!

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